Latin Artists

The Most Influential Latin Artists

Latin music is one of the most adored music of all times. In today’s generation, there exists a list of Latin artists that have inspired the modern generation. In this article, let’s take a dig at some of the great Latin music artists of all times.

These artists have brought both fame and success to the music world, as a whole. They moved the needle and started Latin music trends that have inspired the world as a whole of music, over the years. Their work is what is felt and heard today, all over the world.

Vicente Fernandez

He was popularly called the king of the ranchera music, and he embodies the grandeur of the charro. This is a traditional Mexican music costume that is considered as a regal cowboy costume. His voice range is excellent with an operatic range which matches his stature. Over the 50 years of his Latin music career, he’s recorded over 50 albums and is also considered the most prolific artists of the Latin music industry. He’s the one all the young generations strive to become and look up to.

Jose Jose

Jose Jose

He is a Mexican legend who brought the sense of chivalry to the contemporary Latin music in the early 70s and late 80s. His classic albums like the Secretos, Promesas, The Prince of Song and Reflexiones were the ones that proved him to the best of the boleros singers from around the world. His fans love him in a tuxedo.

Banda El Recodo

This is a band that was found in 1938 by Don Cruz Lizarraga, which was considered as a contemporary template for the modern banda sinaloense super group. This band was mainly characterized by all the brass, acoustic and the percussion-driven sound that lead the group of listeners with a commercial appeal. This band was the first to experiment with various genres of music like the top and tropical music that, at one point of time in the musical industry, gained international recognition. It is an 18 man group that is still considered to be an international recognition in the world.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

His full name was Nuyorican Marc Anthony who infused the style of salsa and a dose of contemporary romanticism to the art and music of the ’80s. He is the one who is the symbol or synonymous for the salsa romantic movement in the world. His vocals are considered to induce chills when listened carefully. He’s also responsible and quiet known for singing the pop tunes, the salsa and the ballads. He also formed his entertainment company that was called the Magnus media. This company mainly concentrates on empowering all the seeking Latino artists. They’ve also helped various emerging bands and other small artists to gain popularity and traction from the audience.

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