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Essential Latin Music Genres – A Comprehensive List

Latin music is the genre of music that encompasses all the versatile styles and songs that are subsequently developed by the musical experts with an extensive list of subgenres. If you’re venturing into the world of Latin music, then this article will provide you with a brief introduction to the popular genres and styles of Latin music.


Whenever we talk of the Latin music genre, Salsa is the first thing that pops in everyone’s minds. It has gained great popularity over the years, due to its vibrant rhythm and the influence of several musical styles into one single sub-genre. It includes the musical influences from Cuba, Puerto Rico and also other Latin boogaloo and Mambo styles.

Salsa itself means a combination of sounds and hence the birthplace of this form of Latin music is still under debate. However, this form of Latin music obtained its utmost success in New York City. Some of the famous and essential artists of this genre include:

  • Hector Love
  • El gran Combo de Puerto Rico
  • La Sonora Poncena
  • Marc Anthony
  • Celia Cruz




This form of music was derived originally from the Dominican Republic, and it is also the most famous genres of Latin music today. The advent of this form of music started in the 1960s, and the songs were mainly produced by a famous artist called Hose Manuel Calderon. In the 1980s, another renowned artist named Blas Duran was successful in re-shaping the sounds of all the Bachta music with his skills in electric guitar. Thanks to the romanticism that was later introduced to the music- which took off the music and commercialized it to the audience.

Some of the famous artists of this genre which include Acosta, Prince Royce, Aventura and many more, popularized this genre to the rest of the world and hence were responsible for exploding it to the rest of the world. Important artists in this style include:

  • Juan Luis Guetta
  • Romeo Santos


It is one of the most favourite forms of Latin music, after Salsa – thanks to the romanticism and the sensuality of the genre. It is played in dance halls across the world. It is believed to have originated in Argentina and Uruguay and also included some of the immigrants from the communities of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century. However, the beginning of the early 20th century the genre moved to the mainstream form of dance and music. Music producers like Carlos Garde were the one who introduced this mainstream genre to the world. They also incorporated a few elements from the blues and jazz into the Nuevo tango. This form of music became so influential to the world that it remains as one of the most distinctive forms of Latin music.

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