The Best Latin Music Albums of All Times

In this article, we’ve jotted down the best Latin music albums of all times. This list does not necessarily include all the famous albums that people have listened to them for ages. Still, it retains that most air played albums that comprised of contemporary Latin music and also the ones that have an impact on the audience.

Let’s dig in without further ado

Alejandro Sanz, Mas

It is the fifth studio album, which was composed, sung and release by a signer and poetic songwriter. He proved his uniqueness through the flamenco-tinged pop that had an appeal over native Spain. Even to this day, people flock like sheep to his concerts, and none of these concerts or musical festivals is complete without playing the Corazon Partio. This song was released in 1997, and it included all the young Latin and Spanish music lovers of those times.

Su Piano y su susica

Armando Manzanero released this song in the year 1968, and it also boasted the soap-star whose voice is better than this looks. It brought people to surprise to know that he was an actor, singer as well as a songwriter. Some of his famous works like the Somos Novios and Esta Tarde Vi Lover are considered global immortality.

The Last

This was the fifth album of the band and was released by Aventura. This was also considered the last song of the band before they split apart and started their tropical music journey. This one takes their parents’ traditional musical ways with a guitar that is laced with the Dominican Republic. This song is also considered to be a contemporary style of Latino music as it uses the bilingual technique and adds a tad bit of an urban spin to tit.

Lagrimas Negras

Bebo Valdes and Diego El Cigala released this song in the year 2003. Ti slambum is considered the one that transcends time due to its unlikely pair of the Spanish Flamenco singer Diego El Ciaglaka. It also stars some of the famous signers which also include Bebo Valdes. The listeners and Latin music lovers consider this to be the perfect combination for creating a piece of extraordinary music.

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

It is one of those times where the band name and the album name are considered to be the same, and the album was released in 1997. The veteran musicians brought their past, and the resent of Cuba together, and they also introduced and taught the world (mainly the Latin music lovers )to sing “Chan Chan”. It was a surprise international hit because nobody considered this album to grow to such heights.

Key Takeaway

Those as mentioned above, five albums are considered some of the best in the Latin music industry and are believed to have stood the test of time. In addition to those, other great albums also took the world by a storm.

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